How We Protect And Use Client Information.

First Step Denton begins by safeguarding the security and client integrity of information.

We are committed to protecting the security and client integrity of information through procedures and technology designed for this purpose.

For example:

  • Limitation of employee access to client information to those who ahve a busienss reason to know this information.
  • Employees are required to honor our client’s confidentiality.
  • Strict policies and procedures covering the proper physical security of the workplaces and records.
  • Our physical, electronic, and prodedural safeguards meet or exceed federal standars regarding the protection of client information.
  • Use of technological means, such as firewalls, virus/spyware detection software, encrypted file back-up, as well as other software and hardware applications to protect against unauthorized access or alteration to client data.
  • Your information will not be given, sold, or leased to any party for any reason.

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