First Step Denton is committed to providing clients within the Denton county area exceptional quality counseling services and life enrichment programs led by experienced, highly trained professionals in the topic of each service or program offered.

First Step’s counseling & intervention programs are designed to assist clients:

Identify maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaviors

Goal exploration and identification

Development of a client specific plan of action that clearly defines required actions and skill sets, designates achievable milestones, and identifies the support necessary for the client to succeed

Support services designed to help our clients continue to grow and attain new goals

First Step also serves as a resource to officers of the criminal justice system for Denton County, Texas by providing:

Client assessments

Counseling plans

Continuing educational plans

Given the administrative and staff’s extensive experience, the prospective clients, legislative changes in billing protocols, we feel very confident serving our neighbors in Denton County. See our Privacy Policy here.