Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The program goal is to focus on individuals who have a substance abuse dependency, which have resulted in negative consequences in their life cycle. This program will enhance the client’s ability to develop a relapse prevention plan and lifestyle change.


Q.  You ask what is IOP at First Step Denton County Outreach?

A.  IOP at First Step Denton County is a program that includes (36) group counseling sessions and (12) individual (one-on-one) counseling sessions.

Q.  What will you cover during the 36 group and  12 individual sessions?

A.  The twelve (42) group sessions and (12) individuals will cover the following Topics:

  • Intake/Individual Session: Chemical Dependency Assessment
  • Disease and Addiction
  • Critical Thinking Errors
  • Individual Session: Goodbye Letter to Addiction
  • Stress and Time Management
  • group counselingAlcohol, Drugs and Medical Consequences
  • Family System/Dynamics
  • Individual Session: Processing Relapse Prevention
  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Long Term Goals Related to Recovery
  • Individual Session: Discharge Planning / Community Resource
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